Been Dumped By Girlfriend?

young guy been dumped by girlfriendThis is what I learned when I was dumped by my girlfriends.

I have personally been dumped by girlfriend several times and each time has played a significant part in my understanding of the process.

Yes, they have been painful experiences but I feel that I have learnt some important things from these experiences. In this piece I will share what I have learned so that others can take my experiences and lessons from these, and apply them to their own experiences, so as to be successful in life with relationships.

1. Two are always involved

When a breakup does take place, it can be easy to blame the other individual for the situation that has happened. However, it takes two in a relationship to make it work or fall apart, and for that reason you should evaluate what part you may have played in this break up.

Maybe you did not notice what you did to help cause the break up, so it is important to reflect and think about these things.

Don’t expect your ex girlfriend to tell you what you did wrong. She may say something if you ask, but she likely won’t tell you what the real issue was for her, for different reasons. She may be trying to avoid an argument. She may not want to hurt you more than she already has. She may think her reason will sound stupid. She may not even be aware of the thing that really caused her to dump you!

2. The women will need some space

Women are often diverse in what they want in life. Sometimes they may want to be close and to cuddle for long periods of time, becoming sad when you leave them. However, in other situations, they may want the complete opposite and will want to be alone and to have their own sense of space.

Men generally have the personality trait of being a possessive individual, and want to take control over their partner. The man may check his partner’s phone in order to keep a check on where they are and who they are talking to. This however can have a negative effect on the relationship and can push away the female in the situation, which can result in the beginning of the end within a relationship.

3. Strength develops over time

Break-ups can be painful at first but should be seen in a positive way.

If your partner decides to break up with you after discussing plans such as marriage and children, you should consider this a blessing as it would’ve been far more complicated had these plans gone into development. There are always plenty of ladies out there who are also looking for the right partner.

4. Good things only develop when you make them

The final thing to think about in this situation is how you react to it. If your partner breaks up with you you should learn from your mistakes and should stay positive when you go out to meet new possible partners.

Don’t let previous experiences with unsuccessful relationships get you down. Instead have fun and be stronger than you were before.

Take all the real life experiences that you have had to endure and use them as helpful lessons that you will learn from. Hopefully once you have made a mistake you will not do it again, and this will lead you closer to your goal of finding the perfect partner, and someone that you can spend the rest of your life with.

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