Can I Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off?

fat man on sofaMost of us when we look in the mirror wish we could lose weight fast and then keep it off. But is this even possible? A lot of weight loss websites will tell you that slow is best when it comes to getting rid of that fat on your belly or butt. But why?

If there’s a “secret” to weight loss it’s out there in plain sight: eat less and move your body more. It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, right? It’s also simple to lose weight fast – you just eat a LOT less for a while.

The problem is, that when you do that, your body has defense mechanisms that send you overwhelming messages to EAT and eat a LOT RIGHT NOW. For a while you may resist, but sooner or later very likely you will cave and start on a massive binge. If you don’t watch out, that can leave you at a higher weight than you ever were before.

So the secret to how to lose weight and then keep it off involves ignoring those overwhelming cravings. Frankly, this is easiest if you lose weight slower, so your body has a chance to adapt. Then it won’t panic and flash up EAT! EAT! EAT! in your brain.

But there is another way, and that is to learn to deal with the cravings. So in this post I will look at #1, how to lose weight quick. Then in the next post #2, how to handle the cravings that push you to throw in the towel on your diet.

1. How to lose weight fast

As I said before, the best way to lose fat long term is to take it slow. But maybe you can’t do that because you have a big event coming up like a wedding or high school reunion, and you need to get into that dress or those pants no matter what.

So then what? Well my first tip is to keep your motivation right up there in the stars. Hang that clothing you want to get into on your kitchen door so every time you walk in that kitchen, you are reminded. Photograph your event invitation and make it the screensaver on your phone. Put a sticky note on your credit card so you see it every time you take out the card to pay for food or whatever. Do all you can to make sure that event is in your face all of the time.

I probably don’t need to tell you what diet to follow because most everyone knows the basic rules. If you don’t, then buying the latest diet plan or attending weight watchers may help you figure it out, but basically this is it:

– Eat LESS sugar, flour and fat
– Eat more vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, and lean meats.

If you’re happy to lose weight fairly slow, you can simply follow that. But if you want that fat off fast, you need to ramp it up a bit, like this:

– Eat nothing that contains sugar (includes mayonnaise) or flour (pasta, bread, sauces). This rules out all fast food.
– Add no oils or fats to anything you prepare (and you or a family member will be preparing pretty much all you eat now).
– Avoid cheese and cream, and drink only fat-free milk.
– Eat no high glycemic foods like rice, potatoes, bananas, mangos, grapes, corn, peas, winter squash.

So your diet will consist entirely of lower carb vegetables (you can find a list easily online), less sweet fruits like berries and green apples, fish, and lean meats.

And before you start wailing about breakfast, I suggest eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes. It tastes great and will fill you up way longer than the carbs you used to have.

Of course that’s not a sustainable weight loss plan for any long time (although it’s not far from what Dr Now tells his patients to follow for several months before bariatric surgery). Don’t expect to eat this way for life. And have a doctor check it’s safe for you if you have health issues or are taking medication for anything (especially diabetes). But for a few weeks until your wedding or whatever, it should be fine for most people.

In the next article I will look at how to beat your cravings, because that’s the secret to keeping the weight off. So with both of these posts together, you will know how to lose weight fast and keep it off.

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